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Pet Policy

LICENSING - The Tenants agree to provide the pet with a clearly visible identification tag and collar and agree to comply with local health and safety code regulations and ordinances including leash and licensing requirements.


PET CONTROL - The Tenants agree to keep their pet under control at all times and to keep the pet quiet at all times. Under no circumstances is the pet allowed to roam unattended in the common areas. All dogs must be kept on a leash and walked away from the building premises. The Tenants agree not to leave their pet unattended for any unreasonable period of time. If the Tenant is to be away from the dwelling for more than twenty-four (24) hours, arrangements must be made for the care of the pet. The Resident Manager must be notified of any pets that will be unattended for more than twenty-four (24) hours. The Tenants understand that pets left unattended would be considered an emergency and should be reported to the Marin County Animal Services or other appropriate authority for removal from the building premises at Tenant's expense. The Management accepts no responsibility for any pet so removed.


PET SANITATION - The Tenants agree that all animal waste or litter from litter boxes or cages is to be picked up and disposed of in a sealed plastic bag and placed in the trash bin. The Tenants agree to use a "Pooper Scooper" to clean up behind their pet while walking the pet on the common grounds of the building and to clean up behind the pet if it tracks mud or dirt through the lobby, elevators or hallways. The Tenants agree to provide adequate care for the animal including current inoculations as required or necessary. The Tenants agree to keep litter boxes away from decks, patios, or intake vents.


PET PROBLEMS - The Tenants agree to keep the pet from being unnecessarily noisy or aggressive and causing any annoyance, discomfort or nuisance to other Tenants. Please note, any complaints made through the Resident Manager will be remedied immediately. The Tenants agree that pets that continually disturb the peace and quiet of the neighbor Tenants through noise (barking, whining, etc.), smell, animal waste, biting, scratching or other nuisance must be removed from the building premises. The Tenants also agree that upon written notice from the Management, the Tenants will remove the pet from the building premises within thirty (30) days.




REPRESENTATIONS - The Tenants represent the pet is quiet and housebroken and will not cause any damage or annoy other Tenants.


PET REVOCATION - The Tenants agree that Management may revoke permission to keep said pet on the building premises. Upon thirty (30) days written notice from Management, the Tenants agree to remove the pet(s) or vacate the apartment.


INDEMNIFICATION - The Tenants agree to indemnify, defend and hold Management harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, judgments and demands brought by any other party on account of or in connection with any activity of or damage caused by the Tenant's pet.